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Release Notes for 2019-06-24

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, July 21, 2019.

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Core Tools

New Project Extract App to Replace Extract Feature in Admin Tool 

Procore has released a new desktop application for Microsoft Windows that extracts Procore project data to PDF to your personal computer. This tool will replace the existing extract feature in the projects' Admin tool and is designed to streamline the extract process for project engineers, document administrators, and project coordinators who need to extract project data. Procore also announces the End of Life (EOL) for the existing Project Extract feature which will begin on July 15, 2019 and commence on August 26, 2019. For details, see Extract Project Data Using the Procore Extracts Application.

Product Management

New Delete Button Added to Spam & Recycle Bin

Users with 'Admin' permission on the project's Emails tool can now permanently delete emails from the Spam and Recycle Bin using a new Delete button. See Delete an Email.

Rollout of Smart Photos Search

The Photos tool is currently being updated to allow Procore to utilize machine learning to recognize visual elements in photos and then auto-tag those photos with a keyword. This is designed to improve the overall experience and increase project managers with data entry, organization, and photo searches. The new feature will be rolled out to the Procore production environment gradually and is expected to be completed in approximately 3-4 weeks. For details about the feature and release process, see Photos: Smart Photos Search.

Edit a Submittal's Workflow Membership After a Template is Applied

Updated the Bulk Apply > Workflow function in Procore so you can now create a workflow and edit membership on a workflow after a submittal workflow template has been applied. This feature was previously only available with submittal packages. The capability is now available on submittals. See Use Bulk Actions > Apply Workflow in the Submittals Tool.

Quality & Safety

Punch List
Color Coded Punch Pins 

Punch pins on drawing sheets are now color-coded according to their respective status. See What do the punch item color codes on a drawing mean?

New iOS Send Experience for Punch Items

You can now review all punch items that are ready to send. You can also now choose which items to send out, rather than having to send the whole batch in bulk. See Send Punch List Items (iOS).

Construction Financials

No notable changes.

Field Productivity

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

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