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Coordination Issues: New Integration with the Models Web Viewer

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: July 2020

View a Model from a Coordination Issue

Procore has released an integration between the Coordination Issues tool and the Models tool that allows users to view any Coordination Issue created in the mobile viewer or the Navisworks® plugin directly in the Procore web viewer. From the Coordination Issues tool on the web, users will also be able to navigate to the location of the issue from viewing the model in the Models tool.


If the Models tool has been enabled on the project, users will be able to click on View Model from a Coordination Issue to open the associated model in a new browser tab.


Why is this important?

Models are largely siloed to specific individuals with an advanced understanding of complex modeling programs. This creates a large barrier between those users and users who have not learned, purchased, or installed these programs, leading to an inefficient and unproductive coordination process. The integration between Coordination Issues and the Models web viewer is to allow teams to leverage their collective knowledge, reduce RFI's and issues in the field, and achieve their goals with BIM.

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