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Models: New Hotkey Navigation on Web Viewer

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: July 10, 2020

Keyboard Navigation on Web Viewer for Models

Procore has released the ability for users to switch between navigation tools in the Models tool's web viewer with their keyboard, allowing easier and more efficient navigation. This is intended to increase the speed and efficiency of navigation for BIM experts in model reviews and simplify BIM for all users.



Keyboard Interactions

To select the following actions from the navigation toolbar on a model, press the corresponding key(s) on your keyboard.

  • Home ViewCTRL+0 on Windows or CMD+0 on Mac
    This returns the user to the home viewpoint.
  • Default Tool: V
    This selects the default tool.
  • Fly Tool: F
    This selects the Fly tool.
  • Orbit Tool: O
    This selects the Orbit tool.
  • Views: ALT+V on Windows or OPTION+V on Mac
    This opens the Views window.
  • Objects: ALT+O on Windows or OPTION+O on Mac
    This opens the Objects window.
  • Measure Tool: M
    This selects the Measurement tool.

Additional keyboard actions include:

  • Move camera forward: W
  • Move camera left: A
  • Move camera backward: S
  • Move camera right: D
  • Move camera up: E
  • Move camera down: Q
  • Return to last selected navigation tool, close any open windows, hide measurement info: Esc
  • Hide a selected object: H

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