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Windows 10 App: (Coming Soon!) End of Support for Windows 10 App

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: October 2019 / Feature Updated: April 17, 2020

 Important: Windows 10 Deprecation Delayed Until Further Notice

As of April 23, 2020, Procore is postponing the Windows 10 app deprecation indefinitely due to recent events with COVID-19.

Procore will release additional communication regarding the Windows 10 deprecation at a future date.

Windows 10 App Deprecation

Procore has decided to deprecate the Windows 10 app in order to prioritize resources for more impactful Microsoft products.

Over the past three years, Procore's Windows 10 app has not gained the broad user adoption required to continue building and maintaining it. Currently, Microsoft tablet devices account for less than 1% of all device internet traffic in the US. Microsoft tablet device market share in the US has remained flat at 7% for the past 24 months.

This deprecation only affects the Windows 10 app for user experiences in the field/jobsite on Mobile devices.

Procore will continue to invest in Microsoft as a platform and Windows OS via:

  • Procore Drive
  • Procore Sync
  • Outlook and Office Plugins
  • Imports and Extracts applications

The Procore web app will also continue to work on any browser and any device, and we're committed to making more improvements on a continual basis.

What is Procore's current Microsoft offering?

  • Document Management
    • Procore Drive to access files from Documents, Photos, Emails, and Schedule on the desktop.
    • Procore Sync (limited release) to keep files synchronized in the background between the Documents tool and desktop.
  • Data Migration
    • Imports App for self-service bulk import of Users, Vendors, Cost Codes, Locations, Punch Items, and Submittals.
    • Extracts App for self-service bulk export of project data from all tools.
  • VDC Plugins
    • Desktop plugin for managing models and coordination issues in Navisworks.
  • Outlook Plugin
    • Procore for Outlook to save emails and documents, and create RFIs, Observations, Change Events, etc.

What is Procore's future roadmap/strategy for Windows?

Future Microsoft investments will include continued enhancements to Procore for Outlook, additional VDC plugins, expanding Procore Sync availability, and expanding Imports and Extracts capabilities.


For additional questions please reach out to your Procore Customer Success Manager.