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Reports: Test Projects & Templates Excluded from Company Reports & Dashboards

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: February 27, 2020

Test Projects & Project Templates Excluded from Company Reports & Dashboards

Test projects and project templates will now be excluded from Company Reports and Dashboards. This provides a clearer view of your company's actual projects without needing to manually exclude test projects and templates by name.

Test projects and project templates are now excluded from the following dashboards:

  • Company Reports
  • Company Dashboards
  • Project Management Dashboard
  • Quality & Safety Dashboard
  • Financials Dashboard
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Health Dashboard
  • All Financials Views including Budget Variance Report, Contract Variance Report, Contract Summary Report, and Commitment Summary
    See View Company Reports.

Test projects and project templates will continue to display on the Projects tab in the company's Portfolio.

To use project templates, your company's Procore Administrator or a user with Admin permissions on the company's Portfolio tool will need to contact your Procore point of contact to enable the feature for you. You can use either a new or existing project as a project template. See Configure a Project Template for instructions on using this feature.

Both new and existing projects can be flagged as test projects by marking the "Test Project" checkbox in the project creation page or the project's Admin tool. See What is a Test Project?

  • At this time, project templates and test projects will be included in your account's Project Cap. After your account has reached your Project Cap, you will not be able to create a new project or reactivate a project that had previously been set to inactive. See Why can't I create or activate Procore projects?
  • Test project and project templates are also excluded from your company's Construction Volume and will be excluded from the Construction Volume Dashboard when it is released. See Admin: (Coming Soon!) Construction Volume Dashboard.