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What is a Project Template?

A Project Template is a project that company level Admins can configure with a default set of configurations and settings. If a user creates a project and selects a Project Template on the project creation page, then the configurations and settings in the Project Template will be copied over to the newly created project. To use Project Templates, see Configure a Project Template.

To view the settings and configurations that will be carried over from a project template, see What gets copied over to a new project when applying a project template?

Projects marked as ‘Project Templates':

  • Will display in the Project Template drop-down menu on the project creation page. See Create a New Project.
    Note: only active projects will display here.
  • Will be included in your account's Project Cap.
  • Have a persistent banner across the project.
  • Have an info icon-info.png icon next to it within the Company level Portfolio tool.
  • A template can only be applied to new projects at the time the project is created. They can NOT be applied to existing projects.
  • Projects that are being used as test projects cannot be flagged as a Project Template. See What is a test project?
 Coming Soon

Project Templates:

  • Will be removed from the Portfolio and displayed in a new Project Templates tab in the company's Admin tool.
  • Will be excluded from Company Reports and Dashboards.
  • Will have a 'Template' badge in the Select a Project drop-down navigation menu.