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Procore Refresher Roadmap


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Welcome Back!

If you haven't used the Procore platform in awhile, the following roadmap will guide you through a series of self-paced training resources to help you re-familiarize yourself with the Procore platform and its tools. 

To get started, simply click on any of the arrows in the infographic above. Watch quick training videos or view related product documentation (e.g. tutorials, FAQs, etc.). 

If you do not have access to some of these tools in your own project, a project level administrator (i.e. a user with 'Admin' permissions on a project's Directory tool) can enable them on your project*.

As always, our dedicated Customer Success and Support teams are available to answer any of your questions, as well as help you define a Procore rollout strategy for your company.


* If you would like to add a new product line to your Procore account and it's not enabled on your current Procore Licence Agreement, please have your company's Procore administrator contact your Procore Customer Success Manager for details.