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Moving Forward with Procore

Resources for Success

We know it can be challenging to learn new software. Here are several resources that will help you get the most out of Procore moving forward. Access to all of Procore’s help and support resources is only a click away!

best practice questions

Self-paced Training

Procore's Certification Program

If your team needs additional training, encourage them to leverage our self-paced certification program.

Procore offers both foundational and role-based training courses that teach you how to successfully use Procore on any construction project. All courses are self-paced and consist of tool-specific training videos and quizzes. 

Upon successful completion of each course you will earn a Procore Certified certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile


Go Mobile



Download Procore's Mobile Application

The best way to use Procore on a job site is by installing our mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. Stay in-sync with your project team at all times regardless of whether you're in the office or job site. You can even work in offline mode where all of your data automatically syncs with Procore once a network connection is re-established.

Download Procore for iOS
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 Download Procore for Android
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Stay Informed

Support & Feedback
Click the icon-app-support.png icon to access available training resources and contact Procore’s Support Team. You can also leave us helpful feedback and suggestions. 

Help resources

Click the icon-app-notifications.png icon to learn about new features and enhancements. Be sure to check the Announcements Centre often to stay informed about recent improvements.

Notifications menu

View Support Documentation

Procore support site
Procore's Support Site
Find a variety of support articles including step-by-step tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, training videos, release notes and more.

  • User Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Training Videos
  • FAQs
  • Role-based Learning Paths
  • Interactive Workflow Diagrams
  • Release Notes
  • User Permission Matrices

Contact Technical Support

Important: Procore Customer Support will be attending department-wide events during the times listed below on the following days:

  • Wednesday, December 8: 11:00 AM-5:15 PM CST
  • Thursday, December 9: 12:00 PM-6:15 PM CST
  • Friday, December 10: 2:00 PM-3:15 PM CST

During these times, our phone support will not be available. For assistance‚ please chat with us, or email us at

Additionally, our phone and chat support will not be available Thursday, December 9 and Friday, December 10 during the hours of 12:00 AM-5:00 AM CST. For assistance during these times, please email us at Thank you!


Live Chat | Email | Phone

US: 833-277-6267 (toll-free)
AU: +61 1 800 431 456 (toll-free)
NZ: +64 800 005 210 (toll-free)

Access to our US-based customer support team is available for FREE to all Procore users.

How do I set up my Procore account?
Why are my drawings not uploading?
How do I redistribute a submittal?
How do I recover a previously deleted file?

Support North America

Live Chat and Email
Monday - Thursday, 24 hrs
Friday, 12AM - 9PM (PDT)
Saturday, 7AM - 6PM (PDT)

Sunday, 7AM - 12AM (PDT)

Monday - Thursday, 24 hrs
Friday, 12AM - 9PM (PDT)
Saturday, 7AM - 6PM (PDT)

Sunday, 7AM - 12AM (PDT)

Support Australia & New Zealand

Live Chat and Email
Monday - Friday, 24 hrs
Saturday, 12AM - 4PM (AEST)

Sunday, 12AM - 1PM (AEST)

Monday - Friday, 24 hrs
Saturday, 12AM - 4PM (AEST)

Sunday, 12AM - 1PM (AEST)

Support United Kingdom & Ireland

Live Chat and Email
Monday - Friday, 24 hrs
Saturday, 12AM - 5AM (GMT)
Saturday, 3PM - Sunday, 2AM (GMT)

Sunday, 3PM - 12AM (GMT)

Monday - Friday, 24 hrs
Saturday, 12AM - 5AM (GMT)

Saturday, 3PM - Sunday, 2AM (GMT)
Sunday, 3PM - 12AM (GMT)

Contact Customer Success


       Ask your company's Procore Administrator to reach out to your company's Procore point of contact for assistance.

For all your Procore best practice questions

Access to our customer success team is available for Procore Power Users.

  • How does my team best leverage the Submittals tool?
  • What are your recommended configurations for Project Templates?
  • How do I best drive user adoption?
  • I'd like to learn more about Procore's integrations offered in the app marketplace

Learn More

Innovation Labs

Work with Procore to build the next generation of our products. 
Through a collaborative innovation process at Procore’s global headquarters, visitors work closely with engineers, designers and product managers to develop creative solutions to common problems faced in construction management.

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Impact Series

Procore’s Impact Series is your chance to network, receive in-person, tool-based training and deep dive into the Procore product. Strategic Advisors and Product Managers will provide you with three in-depth trainings on how to best leverage Procore and an Innovation Lab will be open where you can work alongside engineers to build out Procore.

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Live Webinars

Learn about newly released tools and features. Each webinar lasts 1 hour and is presented by a member of Procore's Strategic Advisory team. Submit questions and get answers in real-time using the live chat feature. 

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Procore eBooks

Provide industry training on the most recent topics in the construction industry. Choose from a variety of topics from Construction Forecasts from the current year to submittal best practices.

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