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Can multiple users work on estimates and takeoffs at the same time in the Estimating tool?


If your organization has more than one estimator for a project, they may need to work on estimates and takeoffs for a project at the same time.


Yes, multiple users in a project can work on estimates and create takeoffs at the same time. However, each user will need to create a separate estimate to work on. These estimates will show as separate tabs on the bottom of the Estimating and Take-Off pages.
Note: The separate estimates can be combined with the Primary Estimate, or they can be kept separate if needed (for example, if an estimate is a different scope of work).

Create a Separate Estimate For Each User

Since only one user can edit the same estimate at a time, you can create separate estimates for additional users and scopes of work as needed. Users can work on different estimates in the project at the same time, and these estimates can be combined into one primary estimate to send out.

  1. Click the plus icon-plus-estimating.png icon at the bottom of the page to add a new estimate.

  2. Choose one of the following options for the new estimate:
    • Copy Selected Estimate: Select if you want to copy the data from the original estimate to the new estimate.
    • Create Empty Estimate: Select if you want to create a new estimate with no existing data.
  3. If you want this estimate to be combined with the total estimate, click the Include in Primary Estimate toggleicon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.pngON.