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What is the difference between a catalog, category, and item in the Cost Catalog for Estimating?


There are three different levels of organization in the Cost Catalog, starting with the highest to lowest level: catalog, category, and item. Categories and items can also be copied or moved from one area to another as needed. 


These three levels are defined below:

  • Catalog: A catalog is the main folder to organize categories and items for materials.
  • Category: A category is a group within a catalog that contains items.
  • Item: An item exists within a category or catalog. Items can be labeled as the following types: Part, Assembly, Other, Equipment, Subcontractor, Travel, or Labor

You might need to create a new catalog to best organize materials for a project. Within that catalog, you can add a category that serves as a group or subfolder to organize even further. From a catalog or category, you can then add items such as parts or assemblies.