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How can I upload large files to the Procore Web App?


When using Procore, you may need to upload files such as documents, schedules, or photos, to complete a task. Procore tools reliably upload supported files up to 2GB in size. Use the Documents tool when uploading files larger than 2GB.


The Documents tool is purpose-built to reliably upload larger files. The maximum file size that can be uploaded to Procore, as well as the upload speed, is variable and depends on the speed of your internet connection and the route of your connection to Procore servers.

To upload files larger than 2GB in size, first upload the file to the Documents tool:

You can also upload large files with Procore Drive.

After the file has been uploaded, you can link the file in other tools, such as Action Plans, Submittals, and RFIs, by using the the Attach Files picker and selecting the file from the 'Documents' tab.