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How do I determine the latitude and longitude values of an address?


The Project level Admin tool allows tool administrators to enter the coordinates (a.k.a., the 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' values) of the Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) for a construction project's job site. To learn how to enter these values in Procore, see Update General Project Information. Once entered, Procore uses the coordinates to display current weather information on the Project Home page. For Field Productivity users, a tool administrator can also use these coordinates to set up a geofence that reminds your employees to log their time when they enter or exit the geofence's boundaries. See Configure Advaned Settings: Project Level Timesheets


While you can enter your GCS coordinates into Procore's Project level Admin tool, Procore does NOT provide users with a built-in latitude/longitude finder. However, there are many third-party online resources that can help you determine your jobsite coordinates. 

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