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Procore (en-CA)

How do I log in to Procore's Support site?


We've set up Single Sign-on (SSO) between Procore's web application ( and our Support site ( As a result, there is no need to create another set of login credentials to access our support articles. 

Although you can always view the Support site anonymously, there are several benefits of viewing the site as a logged in user.

  • Access to Private Training Centres 
    In order to access a company's private Training Centre (e.g., you must be given specific access to the company's Training Centre, which can be seamlessly done using SSO. See How do I request access to a custom Training Centre?
  • Easier to Create New Support Tickets
    When you are logged in user of the Support site, you will not have to manually enter your name or email when completing the Report an Issue form because that information will automatically be appended to your ticket for you.
  • Provide User Feedback
    You can rate pages and leave helpful feedback to our Documentation team.

Follow the instructions below to authenticate yourself via Single Sign-on (SSO). 


  1. Log into the Procore Web application. See Log in to Procore Web
  2. In the top right corner, click the Question Mark (?) icon. 
  3. Click Support Centre

    Help resources

    The system redirects you to the Procore Support Centre website at You will be automatically logged into the Support Centre using SSO.
    • If this is the first time you've accessed the Procore Support Site, the SSO technology will automatically create you a new user account (i.e., using the email and password that you use to log into Procore).
    • To gain access to the site, choose one of these methods:
      • (Recommended) Click the 'Support & Feedback' icon in the top-right corner and choose Support Centre (pictured above). 
      • Click the 'Login' link directly on the Procore Support Site. 
    • If you are trying to access a private Training Centre, see How do I request access to a custom Training Centre?