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How do I resolve a "The Import operation took longer than the set timeout" error when exporting to ERP?


Occasionally, items may fail to export from Procore to either Sage 300 CRE® due to a timeout. This indicates that there is a problem with the synchronization with your ERP server. In most situations, this can be resolved by closing a few tasks and restarting the hh2 Synchronization Service. You or your IT support may try the following steps on the server which Sage 300 CRE® and hh2 are hosted to try to resolve the issue.


1. End tsObject.exe tasks

Consult Microsoft support specific instructions related to your version of Windows. For your convenience we include the following general steps:

  1. Launch Task Manager 
  2. Display either the Processes or Details tab
  3. Locate and select tsObject.exe (Timberline Object Viewer)
  4. Click the End Task button
  5. Repeat for each instance of tsObject.exe

2. Restart hh2

  1. Launch Services
  2. Locate hh2 Synchronization Service and right-click
  3. Choose Restart

3. Reject or Retrieve items

After restarting the hh2 Synchronization Service, you must reject or retrieve the items that have failed to export in Procore and re-send them.

If Problems Persist

Sometimes, one of two errors occur in Sage 300 CRE® that may need to be resolved before this problem can be solved. For your convenience, we've linked the Sage knowledge base articles that will provide you with the best information for resolving these errors:

After resolving these issues, try the steps above again. If these steps do not resolve your issues, please contact Support with details of which error you have been receiving and which steps you have already tried along with the exact outcome.