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What are the DocuSign fields and can I customize them?


When a contract or change order is sent from Procore to DocuSign, the following default recipients appear in DocuSign:

  • For Commitments and Commitment Change Orders: 
    • General Contractor
    • Subcontractor
  • For Prime Contracts and Prime Contract Change Orders:
    • Architect
    • General Contractor
    • Owner
  • For Subcontractor Invoices:
    • Subcontractor
  • For Owner Invoices:
    • General Contractor

Below is an example from either a Commitment or Commitment Change Order:


These Roles are part of the Procore DocuSign integration and cannot be modified or deleted by either Procore or Docusign. However, after sending each Procore contract or change order to DocuSign through the integration, you can delete these default roles and apply your own custom DocuSign template instead. See Create a Template in DocuSign. Deleting these roles will delete the associated fields on the PDF.

Creating Custom DocuSign Fields

When sending an item (contract, change order, etc.) from Procore to DocuSign, a DocuSign field must be placed in the location where the signature, initial, etc. is shown on the PDF. This DocuSign field directs the signer where to sign, initial, etc. on the PDF.

It is recommended that you create a DocuSign template for each item (contract, change order, etc.) to place these fields. Each time a new item is sent from Procore to DocuSign, the DocuSign template can be applied to the DocuSign envelope so these fields do not need to be manually placed for each envelope.

Due to the varying lengths of items, field locations on the PDF may vary from contract to contract or from change order to change order. DocuSign has an AutoPlace feature that utilizes a user-defined text string to place the fields in the appropriate location on the PDF even if the location on the DocuSign envelope varies from the DocuSign template.

Procore Custom Solutions can add hidden AutoPlace text to an item's custom PDF to use for their AutoPlace feature. For example, if the subcontractor needs to enter their signature, name, title and date in a certain location on a contract, Procore Custom Solutions can add the following hidden AutoPlace text (shown below in red) to the contract's custom PDF:




To use this process, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to Procore Custom Solutions ( to request this hidden text be added to your form; a sample copy of the item that clearly identifies/highlights all areas that are to be filled out via DocuSign will be required.
  2. Once Procore Custom Solutions has finalized your custom PDF, you will be given a list of the fields and the corresponding AutoPlace Text Strings (e.g. the "Subcontractor Signature" field uses the AutoPlace Text String of "SubSignature".
  3. Within DocuSign, Create a Template for each item type (e.g. Subcontract, Prime PCO, PCCO, etc.):
    1. In Procore, export and save a sample custom PDF from an item using your custom form.
    2. In the first page of the Docusign template complete the following:
      1. Upload the sample custom PDF with the AutoPlace Text.
      2. Add the default Recipients, Message, etc.
      3. Click Next
    3. In the second page of the DocuSign template complete the following:
      1. Add Fields. After adding each field, use the AutoPlace feature to enter the corresponding AutoPlace Text provided to you from Procore Custom Solutions.
      2. When finished, click Save and Close
  4. When sending an item from Procore to DocuSign, Apply the Template
    1. If your template does not appear, select the three dots, click Apply Template, and Browse to check the appropriate template.
    2. If your DocuSign template Recipients are different than the Procore default recipients (see Answer section above), delete the Procore defaults prior to applying the template.
    3. Continue through the DocuSign process to send the envelope.