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What is a submittal?


Common Types

  • Shop drawing, material data, product samples or other product data (e.g., blueprints, product manuals, etc.)

Construction Process

  • Submittals are often created by a project manager and/or a contractor (or subcontractor) to request information from the responsible subcontractor about the specific items planned for fabrication and/or installation on a project. Once the subcontractor has submitted the information (e.g., materials data, product data, product samples, shop drawings and more), the project and design teams review the submissions to make sure the information complies with the project drawings and specifications. Once approved, the submittal is returned to the subcontractor, which signifies that the work (or fabrication) is approved for construction.

Potential Approval Workflows

  • Subcontractor (submits) > GC (reviews) > Architect (reviews) > GC (distributes) > Subcontractor (receives and prepares work)
  • Subcontractor (submits) > GC (reviews) > Engineer (reviews) > Architect (reviews) > GC (distributes) > Subcontractor (receives and prepares work)
  • Subcontractor (submits) > GC (reviews) > CM (reviews) > Engineer (reviews) > Architect (reviews) > CM (reviews) > GC (distributes) > Subcontractor (receives and prepares work)
  • Subcontractor (submits) > GC (reviews) > CM (reviews) > Engineer (reviews) > Architect (reviews) > CM (reviews) > Owner's Rep (reviews) > GC (distributes) > Subcontractor (receives and prepares work)
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