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Which insurance fields in a Procore company sync with Sage 300 CRE vendors?


When vendor data in Sage 300 CRE is synced with company data in Procore, the system also syncs the vendor's insurance information. After the data is synced, the following fields are 'locked' in Procore's Company level Directory tool and any changes must be updated in Sage 300 CRE and then synced with Procore: Insurance Type (e.g., General, Automotive, Umbrella and Worker's), Effective DateExpiration DateLimitName, and Policy Number
Note: During the Implementation Process, you Procore point of contact will work with your company's Procore Administrator to determine whether or not your system will be configured to sync vendor insurance information from Sage 300 CRE into Procore. 

To learn more about vendor insurance information and the ERP Integrations tool, see the links below.