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Why are my drawing uploads failing?


Drawing uploads can fail if the file is encrypted, password protected or corrupt or if it's an outdated or unsupported PDF version. If your drawing upload fails, you may see an error message in the Upload Box. 

Below are possible error messages and tips on resolving issues.

"We are unable to process the file you uploaded."
  • Explanation: This indicates there is an issue with the file.
  • Possible Resolutions:
    • Option 1: Open the file in a PDF program such as Adobe Acrobat, then save the file as a PDF again. The process of opening and saving a file in a PDF viewer can sometimes resolve errors.
    • Option 2: Open the file in a PDF viewer such as Preview on Mac or Acrobat on PC or Mac. If the file is corrupt, an error message should appear. Corrupt files cannot be viewed and you will need to create or request a new version of the file to upload.
    • Option 3: If you are still having issues with the file, Procore recommends requesting a new file from the design team for the project.
"Your upload is not an Adobe 9.0+ compliant PDF."
  • Explanation: The file could be an outdated PDF that needs to be updated before uploading to Procore.
  • Possible Resolutions:
    • Option 1: Adjust settings in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
      Follow the steps below:
      1. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
        Note: Make sure the file is not encrypted, password protected, or corrupt. 
      2. Click File > Save As.
      3. In the Save as PDF window, click the Format menu and select Adobe PDF Files, Optimized.
      4. Click Settings.
      5. Next to 'Make compatible with:', select Acrobat 9.0 or later.
      6. Click Okay
      7. If you need to preserve the original file, enter a new name for this file before saving.
      8. Click Save.
      9. Upload the PDF to Procore. 
    • Option 2: Use the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' function in Bluebeam.
      Follow the steps below:
      1. Open the file in Bluebeam.
      2. Click File > Print, or press CTRL + P (Windows) or COMMAND + P (Mac) on your keyboard.
      3. Next to Name, select Microsoft Print to PDF.
      4. Click Advanced.
      5. Click the 'Printing Engine' menu and select Vector.
      6. Click the 'Print Data Type' menu Select Auto.
      7. Click OK.
      8. Click Print.
      9. Enter a filename for the new file.
        Note: Make sure PDF is selected as the file type.
      10. Click OK.
      11. Upload the PDF to Procore.
"If this error persists, please contact"
  • Explanation: This indicates there was a temporary issue while your file was being processed.
  • Possible Resolution: Please try uploading the file again. If the file still fails after 3 attempts, please contact our Support team for further assistance. 

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