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Why did Procore switch from to


In June 2015, Procore changed the website URL of its web application from '' to ''. As a result, any users who were previously using '' to log in to Procore may have noticed that they were actually being redirected to '' instead.


As the number of Procore sites continues to grow (e.g.,, etc.), it's important for us to establish domain authority and consistency across all of our web properties, including our web application. To that effect, it was necessary for us to make the switch from '' to ''. Procore will continue to redirect inbound ‘https’ requests from '' to the new subdomain to help ensure that this transition is both seamless and nondisruptive to our end users. 

However, some users may experience odd behaviour if they continue to make requests from a ‘’ URL. Therefore, it's strongly recommended that you perform the recommended actions below to protect yourself from experiencing any odd behaviour that may have resulted from this DNS change. 

  • Update any bookmarks or hyperlinks that reference ‘’ in the URL. Simply replace 'www.procoretech’ with ‘app.procore’ in any active link.
  • Always log in to Procore using the following URL: 
  • Clear your web browser's cache.

If you have completed the steps above and are still experiencing issues that you feel are a direct result of this DNS change, please contact us at