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The following table highlights which user permissions are required to perform the described user action.

Permissions Mobile Platform
None Read-only Standard Admin iOS Android Win
Scan Location QR Code in the Locations Tool   icon_checkmark_h17.png1 icon_checkmark_h17.png1 icon_checkmark_h17.png1 AppleLogo_gray.png    icon_checkmark_h17.png     
View Items Associated with a Location   icon_checkmark_h17.png1 icon_checkmark_h17.png1 icon_checkmark_h17.png1 AppleLogo_gray.png** icon_checkmark_h17.png**  

1 You will need permissions to view the items displayed in the Locations tool. For example, you will need 'Read-only' and above permissions on the Observations tool to view associated observations with the location.

 *   This action can be performed in offline mode (i.e. when an active network connection is not available on your mobile device). Tasks performed in offline mode will be synced with Procore once a network connection has been reestablished.

 **  This asset/item can be viewed or edited in offline mode provided that the asset/item was previously viewed and cached on your mobile device.

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