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Below are notable announcements for the Procore platform in 2016. 

Restyled The 404 And 500 Error Message Pages In Procore (5/12/2016)

Restyled the message page that appears in Procore when for the error condition pages that appears for (404) Not Found or (500) Internal Server Error. 

Updated Procore Support Menu (12/10/2016)

Updated the Procore Support menu in top-right corner of the web application (i.e., the question mark (?) icon), to add an rename links to Procore support resources: The current menu options are:

  • Support Center (previously 'Support Articles')
  • Contact Support
  • Live Chat
  • Quick How-To Training Videos (new menu option)
  • Deep Dive Training Videos (previously 'Training Videos') 
  • Post an Idea
  • Procore Certification
  • System Status
Updated French Translations In Procore (6/10/2016)

Updated the French translations for the Procore web application. 

Fixed Date Formatting In Portuguese Dictionary (23/9/2016)

Updated Procore's Portuguese dictionary. Prior to this fix, 'Data Iniciada' and 'Data De Entrega' were displaying dates using the mm/dd/yyyy format. This has been fixed so dates now display in the proper International Date format of dd/mm/yyyy.

Updated Reset Your Password Page (17/8/2016)

Updated the Reset Your Password page in the Procore web application to interactively show you which of the password requirements has been fulfilled during data entry (see How do reset an unknown password?).

New Procore Login Pages (27/7/2016)

Deployed new Log Into Your Account, Reset Password, Terms and Conditions, and Procore to Tableau Web Connect pages. This adds new background images and simplifies design. Affected pages include:

  • Login
  • Select Company
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Reset Password
  • Send Reset Password
  • Reset Password Sent
  • Tableau Login Page
End of Support for Internet Explorer 9 & 10 (23/6/2016)

On June 23, 2016, Procore announced the end of support for Internet Explorer 9 & 10. The end of support date is August 1, 2016. To read the full announcement and learn how to upgrade your browser, see End of Support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10.