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Commitments: Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date (Beta)

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Beta Announced: November 19, 2021 /  Beta Released: Coming Soon! 


Commitments Tool: Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date

Procore is pleased to announce the 'Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date' beta program. This feature is available to a limited number of program participants upon request. 

How does the 'Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date' setting work?

The 'Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date' setting works with commitment contracts and change orders in the Project Level Commitments tool and with Procore's Change Management tools.  When a user places a Commitment Change Order (CCO) in the 'Approved' status and it includes a value in 'Schedule Impact' field of the change order, Procore automatically updates the 'Estimated Completion Date' field in the commitment contract by the number of days entered.

How do I enable this setting?

To request to enable this feature in your company's Procore account, your company's Procore Administrator must contact your company's Procore point of contact. The feature will be turned ON for you by an authorized Procore Employee. 

Helpful Resources

Tasks that are affected by the 'Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date' setting include:


The 'Subcontractor Estimated Completion Date' setting does NOT currently affect the 'Estimated Completion Date' from a project's schedule, general information, or any reports related to the project's schedule or general information.

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