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Estimating: Automapping for 3D Model Takeoff (Beta)

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: November 6, 2023 /  Feature Released: November 6, 2023

Auto-Map 3D Model Takeoff

Procore's new auto-mapping (beta) feature extracts properties from your 3D model and maps them to materials and assemblies in your cost catalog. After you select your model, mark the checkboxes for the model objects you want to create takeoffs for. Click the new Auto-Map Selected Materials button and the tool will automatically extract object properties for the selected items and map them to materials and assemblies in your cost catalog. Then, click a single button to create takeoffs for those objects.


  • Click the replace item icon-replace-estimating.png icon to replace the item with another item in your cost catalog
  • Click the warning icon-warning-estimating.png icon to see model objects without a cost catalog item. You can browse your cost catalog to select an item or add a new one
  • You cannot currently change the units of measure when using the auto-mapping feature.



Select what model objects you want to auto-map and create takeoffs for.



Properties are extracted and mapped to materials or assemblies in your cost catalog.

Click Create Selected Takeoffs to create takeoffs for each model object type.



Takeoffs are added and can be edited as needed.


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