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Mobile: Sort Projects by Location

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: June 2023  /  Feature Released: July 10, 2023

See the Projects Closest to You

Procore has added a feature that makes it easier to find projects that are near your current location. Sorting by 'Closest to Me' puts projects that are nearest to you at the top of your Projects list so they are easier to access. See Sort Projects (iOS) and Sort Projects (Android).

Feature on iOS


  • The project that is closest to you appears on the top of the Projects list with a green pin icon-green-pin.jpg icon. 
  • You can only use this feature when Location settings are enabled on your mobile device. If Location settings are not currently enabled on your mobile device, a message appears with an option to adjust those settings on your device. 
  • Distances are calculated from information in the Project Location section of the Project level Admin tool. See Update General Project Information.

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