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Procore Conversations: Updated Admin Settings

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: October 06, 2023  /  Feature Released: October 30, 2023

Updated Admin Settings for Procore Conversations

Company level Admin settings for Procore Conversations will be updated with a more streamlined setup experience. The new settings will reduce unnecessary repetition in the setup process along with the added ability to control user access to item conversations. 

Key Features

  • Simplified Access tab
  • All users (including collaborators) will now have access to the Conversations tool when it is turned on for a project
  • Level of access for users determined by permissions selected within the Features tab
  • New permissions now available for item conversations
When this feature is released, all users (including collaborators) will receive access to the Conversations tool when it is enabled for the project. Make sure to adjust your admin settings at this time, if needed. 


Updates to Access tab

convo-access-settings.before.png convo-access-settings1.png

Updates to features tab

convo.features.settings1.png convo-features-after.png