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Punch List: Updated Punch List Sending on Mobile

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: June 10, 2019  /  Feature Released: July 19, 2019


Review and Send Punch List Items on Mobile

The Procore iOS and Android mobile apps now offer the functionality to review which punch list items are ready to be sent, and decide which of those items to send out.


This product release is part of a larger initiative to improve the punch list sending process by providing greater visibility and control for managing punch list items. The full functionality has been segmented across a few smaller releases on the iOS and Android applications (detailed below). 

This feature is currently only available on mobile, but the capabilities for reviewing punch list items to send will be coming to the Punch List tool on web.

Ability to Decide Which Punch List Items to Send

The Procore iOS and Android mobile apps now provide the functionality to review which punch list items are ready to be sent and choose which items to send out.

  • A banner has been added detailing the number of punch list items ready to be sent. Instead of only having an option to send all the items, there is now a link to view them.
  • When reviewing the list of items, the name, number, 'Ball in Court' user, status, and due date is displayed for each item. You can select and deselect individual items by tapping on them, or tap 'Select All' to select all items.
  • After you tap 'Send', the selected items are immediately be sent, and any items that were not selected are be able to be reviewed and sent through the banner again later.
View Punch List Items with Missing Assignees and Add Assignees to Them

This update provides visibility into which punch list items are missing assignees, and allows you to select one or more assignees to add so that you can send them out.

  • If there is a punch list item that cannot be sent because it does not have an Assignee, the item has the following warning message: 'Can't Send - Assignees missing'.
  • After you select assignees from contacts, companies, or groups in the project, you can send out the punch items.
New Views for Punch List Items 

The Punch List tool in the mobile app now has two views available for viewing punch list items: 'Ball in Court Items' and 'All Items'. These views are shown above the punch list items and can be toggled between at any time. 

  • The Ball in Court acts as a checklist, displaying only the items that currently require your action.
  • The All Items shows all punch list items in the project that you have permission to view.

Note: You can still search for punch list items using the search bar in either of these views.

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