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What can Procore's Preconstruction Consultation Package include?

Are you interested in learning more? Procore Consulting Services is an add-on service. To learn more about the pricing option for this service or to request a time estimate for a potential engagement, please reach out to your Procore point of contact.




Tackle your next strategic challenge and keep your team on track by engaging with Procore's Strategic Consulting Services. The Strategic Product Consulting Team is comprised of Procore Industry experts who specialize in implementation best practices, product strategy assessments and training management.


Procore's Preconstruction Consultation Package is an add-on service focusing on Procore's Preconstruction tools.

The table below shares just a few examples of how Procore customers can begin an engagement with Procore's Strategic Product Consultants (SPCs).

Tender Management Potential benefits of your engagement…
How do I track compliance records (insurance, certifications, etc.)? Save employees incredible amounts of time by removing many of the non-value-added tasks they perform, such as manually creating and updating various tracking logs, double entering data between systems, chasing down missing information and converting paper-based data into digital files. 
How do track trade coverage for my tender? Ensure your team understands the minimum amount of trade coverage needed for your next project by leveraging configurations on your tender list views.
How can I update my tenderers on changes made to the original tender package? Send a new correspondence from your Tendering tool to notify your tenderers of addendums or other changes to the tender package's information.
How can I remind my tenderers of upcoming tender due dates? Enter a description and instructions that will appear on the invitation email that is sent to invited tenderers.
How do I configure the Tendering tool correctly? Optimize efficiency and results you expect by confirming that your Tendering tool is configured properly for your company's unique needs.
How can I ensure I’m soliciting the most qualified tenderers? Procore helps your organization establish a comprehensive tendering history for every project and tender package. All emails (both sent and received) are automatically attached to the vendor record within Procore's Tendering tool.
How do I streamline communication between my company and tenderers? Leverage the built-in Correspondence feature to update tenderers on changes to your tender. See which tenderers have downloaded the tender documents to enable a tender administrator to follow up with the appropriate parties.
How can I use custom reports to save time and stay informed during the tendering process? Utilize grouping, filtering and table configuration capabilities to organize your tender list.
Prequalification Potential benefits of your engagement…
How can I make sure my subs are qualified to tender? Gain confidence in your contractors through historical records on past performance, allowing teams to make better decisions and reduce exposure to risk.
How do I simplify my prequalification process and reduce risks on my projects? Reduce the time and effort it takes to qualify companies with our Prequalifications tool so that you can get started on your project sooner.
How do I keep track of the qualification status of my vendors? The Company List displays all the companies that have been invited to prequalify or have had their qualification status updated.
How do I set up prequalification for my company? Set your company up for success by reviewing the configuration and permission settings available in Procore's Prequalifications tool.
How can I save time when inviting companies to prequalify? Invite multiple companies at a time to prequalify from the Company level Directory tool.
How should my company review and approve Prequalification Forms? Review Prequalification Forms, set statuses and/or create a Change Request for additional information with the Prequalifications tool.
How do I manage custom questions within the Prequalification Form? Increase efficiency during the qualification process by customizing your form’s questions at any moment, adapting to the changing needs of your business.