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Import Cost Codes to Procore

IMPORTANT! In order to protect the integrity of your company’s data, Procore Employees are restricted from modifying the data that clients submit in all Procore Import Templates. This restriction applies to all data modifications, including correcting typographical errors. If Procore determines that errors are present in any Procore Import Template that you submit to Procore, it will be returned to you for correction. Please note that the import process may take up to 72 hours to process.



To provide Procore users with an overview of thee options for importing cost codes into Procore. 


Procore default cost codes include a 16 Division cost code structure that aligns to the CSI MasterFormat® icon-external-link.png. See What are Procore's Default Cost Codes? However, some companies and projects may have requirements that lead you to create a unique cost code structure. When that is the case, you can import custom cost codes into either the Company level or Project level Admin tool.

Many companies design their cost code structure to align with the CSI MasterFormat. Other companies decide to implement a cost code structure that is unique to their industry, organization or project environment. Regardless of the structure, you can submit a request to have a Procore representative import the custom cost codes for you or you can expedite the import process and perform your own cost codes import using the Procore Imports App.

Cost Code Structure

Procore customers create varied cost code structures to use for budget and cost accounting. The specific cost code structure that your company chooses to use in Procore will depend upon your company's specific accounting methods, practices and requirements. For simplicity, most customers choose Procore's a two (2) level or three (3) level cost code structure. However, Procore's supports a structure of up to five (5) levels.

The table below shows some commonly used terminology that corresponds to Procore's supported cost code levels.

Procore (2 Level Template) Procore (3-5 Level Templates) CSI MasterFormat Project Accounting
Division Cost Code Level 1 Division Project
Cost Code Cost Code Level 2 Subdivision Subsidiary
Unused Cost Code Level 3 Section Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Unused Cost Code Level 4 Subsection Actual Work Activities
Unused Cost Code Level 5 Subsection Labour, Equipment, Material (LEM)

Tutorials About Importing Cost Codes

There are several methods for importing cost codes into Procore. The method that you choose will depend upon:

  • The number of levels in the cost code structure that your company chooses to create. Most Procore customers choose to import a two (2) level cost code structure. Some opt for cost code structures with three (3) levels. However, Procore supports a cost code structure up to five (5) levels. To learn more about the cost code import process and cost code structure in Procore, please review the articles below.
  • Whether you want to import cost codes to the Company or Project level Admin tool.  Importing your cost codes to the Company level Admin tool allows you to add the codes to any project that you create in Procore. Importing your cost codes to the Project level Admin tool allows you to add those codes to the selected project and use them only on that project. 
  • Whether you want to import cost codes yourself through the Procore Imports App. Importing your cost codes yourself through the Procore Imports App allows you to expedite the import process. The app is only available for a system running Microsoft Windows 7 or newer. See Install Procore Imports.  

Use the links in the table below to gain access to the appropriate tutorial:

Number of Cost Code Levels Company Level Admin Tool Project Level Admin Tool
Two (2) Levels

(Requested-import using the Procore Web application)
Import Two-Level Cost Codes to the Company Admin Tool Import Two-Level Cost Codes to the Project Admin Tool
Three (3) - Five (5) Levels

(Requested-import using the Procore Web application)
Import Multi-Level Cost Codes to the Company Admin Tool Import Multi-Level Cost Codes to the Project Admin Tool
One (1) - Five (5) Levels

(Self-import using the Procore Imports app)
Import Cost Codes into the Company Admin Tool (Procore Imports) Import Cost Codes into the Project Admin Tool (Procore Imports)

Important Information For ERP Integrations

If your company has enabled the Company level ERP Integrations tool, it is recommended you use the steps below. In addition, keep in mind that the Procore Imports app does NOT support the import of cost codes to an integrated ERP system.

Because each integrated ERP system uses unique terms for cost codes, the table below describes how third-party cost code terms correspond to each Procore Cost Code Level:

Procore (3-5 Level Templates) Sage 300 CRE® 1 Viewpoint® Spectrum® 2 QuickBooks® 3 Integration by Ryvit 4
Cost Code Level 1 Section 1 Phase Group (Major Group) Item Phase
Cost Code Level 2 Section 2 Phase Group (Minor Group) Sub Item Sub-phase
Cost Code Level 3 Section 3 Phase Code Sub Item Sub-sub-phase
Cost Code Level 4 Section 4 1 Unused Sub Item 3 Unused 4
Cost Code Level 5 Unused Unused Sub Item 3 Unused

1 The Procore + Sage 300 CRE® integration can support up to four (4) levels. However, three (3) is the most common. In addition, sections are commonly named Division, Subdivision and Cost Code

2 The Procore + Viewpoint® Spectrum® integration can support more than three (3) levels. However, Procore will consolidate every character after three (3) levels into the third level. The recommended cost codes structure is three (3) levels. 

3 The Procore + QuickBooks® integration can support up to five (5) levels. However, two (2) and three (3) levels are recommended and the most common among Procore clients. 

4 The cost code structure for the Procore + Integration by Ryvit integration does NOT permit users to import cost codes into Procore and then export them to Integration by Ryvit. Instead, cost codes are a hard-coded two (2) level cost code structure and your cost codes must always be created in Integration by Ryvit. The Integration by Ryvit cost code structure does support up to four (4) levels. However, three (3) is the most common. See Configure Cost Code Preferences for Viewpoint Vista

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