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Procore (en-CA)

Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Documents tool. 

Recent Changes

Bulk Upload New Versions of Files (31/03/2020) 

As a follow-up to the Documents tool visual redesign, you can now upload new versions of files in bulk. When uploading files to a folder, Procore will list any files that already exist with the same name. You can then select whether to upload each file as a new version or rename them. See Upload Files or Folders to the Company Level Documents Tool and Upload a New Version of a File in the Company Level Documents Tool.

Visual Redesign of the Documents Tool (26/02/2020) 

The Documents tool at the Project and Company level has been redesigned with a new layout. The new design offers several improvements and new features. See Documents: Visual Redesign of the Documents Tool.

This release also includes an integration with Microsoft® Office 365® that allows users to open and edit files from the Documents tool. See Open and Edit a File in Microsoft Office 365 Using the Documents Tool and How does the Office 365 integration in Procore's Documents Tool work?

All Changes