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CMiC: Setup Guide

Welcome to the CMiC Setup Guide

On these pages, we will walk through a number of key things to know as you prepare for and complete your implementation of the CMiC integration.

If you have questions, be sure to direct them to your Integration Implementation Specialist or your Procore point of contact.

The navigation menu to the left will walk you through each of the key things to know and will highlight action items required of you. 

Preparation Phase

Required CMiC subscriptions

In order to use Procore's integration with CMiC, the following requirements must be met within your install of CMiC:

  • Version R12 or above. 
  • CMiC PMXchange™

Connection Requirements

  • Within Procore: Your ERP Implementation Specialist will ask the Client to add the required DMSA Apps to their account, more information here: ERP DMSA App Installation Guide
  • Within CMiC: Client can work with CMiC to setup a Service user for Procore to Access CMiC. 
  • CMiC Connection Information - Mobile Server URL.
  • CMiC Tenant ID (if applicable).
  • CMiC Company Code. 

Implementation Phase

Kick-Off/Installation Call 

After you have been assigned and integration specialist you will be sent a welcome email to schedule the Kick-Off and Installation call. 

  • Review the Integration Map for Procore's integration with CMiC. 
  • Discuss the Accounting Approver role within the ERP Integrations tool in Procore. 
  • Ensure all requirements have been met to move forward with creating the connection between Procore and CMiC.
  • Schedule the ERP Integrations tool Go-Live Call.  

ERP Go-Live Call

Once all the requirements have been satisfied, your ERP Integrations Tool will be enabled within the Procore platform and you will hold the "ERP Go-Live" call with your Integration Specialist. 

  • Review each sub tab within the ERP Integrations tool in the Procore platform. 

  • Assign Accounting Approvers to internal users. 

Management Phase

Procore point of contact

  • After the Implementation Phase, if you would like a call to discuss how to use your integration, or how your ERP integration may be impacted by new Procore feature releases, please reach out to your Procore point of contact to request a call with an ERP Integration Specialist. 

Continued Education/Integration Resources