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Use Quick Add on a Company Inspection Template


When creating or editing a Company level inspection template, you can copy and paste inspection items from various sources including files or webpages. Procore will add these items to sections in your new or existing inspection template. Use the 'Preview' to confirm the items are formatted correctly before adding them to the inspection.


  1. Create a new Company level inspection template or Edit an existing Company level Inspection Template.
  2. Scroll to the section you want to add items to. 
  3. Click + Quick Add.
  4. Enter the text for each item, or copy and paste a list of items from a separate source.
    Note: A line break (created by pressing ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard) denotes a new item.

  5. Preview list of items to be added.
  6. Click Add Items.
    The items will be added to your inspection template under the section.