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Generate and Print QR Codes for Locations (Open Beta)


To generate a Quick Response (QR) code for a location using the Locations feature. 


You can generate and print a QR Code for a location. In Procore, a 'Location QR Code' is a two-dimensional, machine-readable barcode that contains information about the location to which it is attached.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Compatible Print Formats:
    • Avery™ 6460
A QR code scanner app will not recognize these QR codes. You must scan the QR code with one of Procore's mobile apps to either filter by the location identified in the QR code or create an item in Procore with that location linked.


  1. Navigate to the Drawings tool and click Edit Location Hierarchy.
    Navigate to the Project level Admin tool and click Locations.
  2. Click the Print QR Codes icon.
  3. Search for or select location(s) from the list for which you want to print QR codes.
  4. Select from the following options:
    • Page Size
      • US Letter
      • A4
    • Format Options
      • 1 per page
      • 30 Label Page, i.e. Avery 6460
  5. Click Print.

Example Sheet with 30 QR codes


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