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Submit a Tender

Welcome to Procore!

If you've been invited to place a tender on a project that's using Procore's construction management software, you'll receive an 'Invitation to Tender' email from Procore. See the Tender Invitation Email Overview section. 

  • Only one person can submit a place a tender on your company's behalf, even if the invitation email was sent to multiple people.
  • You can only view the tender sheet if it was sent to your email directly (not forwarded from another person at your company). If you need access to the tender sheet, please contact the account owner of the Procore project. If you're not sure who the right contact is, you can contact Procore Support for assistance.

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Access Your Tender Sheet and Submit Your Tender

See the 'Invitation to Tender' Email Overview section for more information on viewing and submitting your tender from the 'Invitation to Tender' email. 

  1. From the Invitation to Tender email, click View in Procore to log in and view the tender sheet. 
    Note: If this is the first time you've received an invitation to place a tender on a project using Procore, you'll be prompted to create a password for your account. Your email address will be used to log in. 
  2. If you're not automatically redirected, navigate to the company's Planroom tool. See Planroom for more information.
    Note: The Planroom tool manages the tendering submissions and tender organization for the company to which you are submitting a tender.
  3. From the Planroom tool, you'll see all the tender packages that you're invited to place a tender on. Click on a tender package to see the tender sheet, project, and tender information. 
  4. In the banner on the Bid Sheet, select whether you intend to tender or not. 
    If you select that you plan on tendering, a 'Enter a Tender' button will become available. 
  5. Click Enter a Tender and fill out your tender information: 
    • Tender Sheet: Add an amount next to each line item in your tender. The 'Total' field automatically calculates the total of all amounts that you enter. 
      • If the company who invited you to tender has updated their Procore account to the new Tender Management Enhanced Experience:
        1. Line items that you have been invited to place a tender on will show in the Base Tender and Alternates sections.
        2. Enter an amount for each line item in the Amount column.
      • If the company is using the older tender management experience, you'll see a Scopes of Work section:
        1. Click Add Scope of Work and select a cost code from the drop-down menu. 
        2. In the Amount column, enter an amount. 
        3. Add additional scope of work as needed. 
    • Inclusions: Enter any inclusions that may not be clearly stated in the related contract documents.
    • Exclusions: Enter any exclusions that may not be clearly stated in the related contract documents.
    • Comments: Optional: Add any comments you would like to send the company.
    • Attachments: Optional: Add any relevant attachments to your tender sheet.
  6. Click Save for Later if you'd like to revisit your tender sheet at another time.
  7. When you're ready to submit your tender, click Submit Tender.

    You can also submit a tender by replying to the tender invitation email with one or more files attached to your email. After you send your tender submission, the tender solicitor will see that you submitted a tender and can review any files that were attached to your email.

    The following file types are accepted: .pdf., doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .zip, .ods, .odt, .fods, .fodt, and .txt.

'Invitation to Tender' Email Overview

See the sections below to learn more about the information and actions that are included on tender invitation emails sent from Procore.



number1.png Bid due date and Information

The tender due date, company name, and project name are shown at the top of the email. 


number2.png View or Download Tender Documents

To download the tender documents (including any specifications, drawings, and documents) for this project, click Download Documents. You can also open and download the documents by clicking View in Procore. See Download Tender Documents.

Tender Submission via Email: You can choose to submit your tender without logging into Procore by replying to the email with an attachment.


number3.png State your intention to tender

If you want to place a tender on the project, but don't want to submit your tender at this time, click Will Tender.
This will inform the company that you intend to tender before the due date. 

If you don't want to place a tender on the company's project, click Will Not Tender.
This will inform the company that they should NOT expect a tender submission from you.


number4.png View Tender, project, and client Details

The project name, tender package name, and tender form name are shown in this section. You'll also see information about Procore and instructions for tendering. 


number5.png Pre-tender walkthrough and RFI information 

If available, view the date and time for the pre-tender walkthrough and RFI deadline, as well as any relevant notes. 

Note: This section is optional for the tender solicitor. If no information was entered for a pre-tender site walkthrough or RFIs, you won't see this section. 


number6.png View the Base Tender

View the cost codes or general items that you've been selected to place a tender on. When you log in to Procore, you can select additional cost codes and enter your tender for each cost code.


number7.png view tender package and submit in Procore

To view the tender package and submit your tender, click View tender package & Submit Tender in Procore.

  • If this is the first time you've received an invitation to place a tender on a project using Procore, you'll be prompted to create a password for your account. After you create a password, you'll be able to access the tendering information. 
  • If you already have an account in Procore, you'll be able to log in with your existing credentials. After you're logged in, you'll see your tender sheet. You can also view your tender sheet in the company's Planroom tool. 


number8.png  Optional: Join the Procore Construction Network

If you're interested in creating a free Procore account where you can manage your business profile, add estimates, and respond to tenders, click Join Now.

To learn more about the Procore Construction Network, click Learn More, or see What is the Procore Construction Network? 

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