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This page details notable changes to the Project level Change Orders tool for the year 2015. 


  • Added New Change Order Wizard When Creating Commitment Change Order from a Prime Change Order (1/10/15). Introduced a new wizard when creating a commitment change order from a prime change order. See Create a CCO from a PCO


  • Set 2-Tier Change Orders as Default on Prime Contract Change Orders and for New Projects (8/24/15). For new projects, the default configuration for Prime Contract change orders will now be 2-tier instead of 3-tier. Existing projects will maintain their current change order tier configuration after this release.


  • Commitment SOV Line Item Picker Now Says "Not Selected" Instead of "Not Budgeted" (7/22/15)
    The default state of the drop-down picker for a Prime Contract Line Item on a Commitment SOV now reads "Not Selected" instead of "Not Budgeted".

  • Added Commitment Side Status To COR Reconciliation Report (7/22/15)
    Added the commitment side status to the Change Order Reconciliation Report. Also, the name of the column header has been modified from "PCCO Status" to "Status."

  • Added Ability to Inline Edit Commitment Side PCO/CCO Value (7/21/15)
    Added ability to inline edit the amount and status of commitment change orders created from Prime Contract PCO SOV line items. 


  • Added Change Order Report Grouped by Change Reason (6/24/15)
    Added the ability to create a change order report that is grouped by change reason.


  • Added 30 Character Maximum To CCO (5/12/15)
    On Sage-integrated projects, users can no longer enter more than 30 characters into the title fields of POs, SCs or any CCO tier on Sage-integrated projects.

  • Two Tier Change Orders (5/6/15)
    Added two-tier change orders for Prime Contracts and Commitments. 2-tier will be an option available to super and admin users in the contract settings. If 2-tier is chosen, the Change Order Requests tier will then effectively be hidden from the user. Superuser will have the ability to change configuration from 2-tier to 3-tier after-the-fact.


  • Added Ability to Manually Re-order Schedule of Values Tables (4/24/15)
    In SOV edit page for Prime Contract, Commitments and Change Orders, Admin users can now manually re-order the SOV line items by dragging them.