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Disconnect a Connected Project

 In Beta
This functionality is currently only available in select regions for companies participating in the Connectability for Drawings beta. The beta will be extended globally soon.


To disconnect a project that's connected to a project in another company's account.


Connectability for Drawings enables two separate Procore company accounts to connect their projects. The connection is one-way and copies published drawings from an upstream source project to a downstream connected project in an unpublished state. Connected drawing metadata is automatically kept in sync with the upstream project.

Projects can be disconnected by either the upstream or downstream account at any time. Once disconnected, projects cannot reconnect.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
  • Current capabilities limit a downstream project from reconnecting to the existing upstream project, or any new upstream project.
  • When projects are disconnected, existing data remains available in the downstream account but no new information is copied from the upstream account.


  1. Navigate to the project's Connection Manager tool.
  2. Next to the connection, click Disconnect.
  3. Mark the checkbox to accept the terms.
  4. Enter the reason you are disconnecting projects.
  5. Click Disconnect to confirm.

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