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Link an Origin Correspondence Item or Origin RFI to an Existing Correspondence Item


To link an origin correspondence item or origin RFI to an existing correspondence item. 


Correspondence items and RFIs often lead to other correspondences. Sometimes users want to link the origin (source) item to the resulting item for anyone who wants more information about why the resulting item was created. The 'Link Existing Origin Item' action on correspondence items enables users to quickly name the correspondence item or RFI that was the source or reason for the current correspondence item. The linked relationship shows up in the 'Links' section of both the origin item and the resulting item.

Things to Consider 


  1. Navigate to the project's Correspondence tool.
  2. Click the List tab.
  3. Click the Number next to the correspondence item that you want to link an origin RFI to. 
  4. Click Link
  5. Click Link Existing Origin Item.
  6. Select up to one origin correspondence item and one RFI item. 
    Note: If both a correspondence and RFI item are selected and linked, the 'Link Existing Origin Item' option becomes inactive for that correspondence item. 
  7. Click Link
    Note: This action cannot be undone.
  8. Optional: To view or access the linked items, see the Links section of the correspondence item. The 'Links' section of the origin item(s) will also link to this correspondence item.