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  • Added Ability To Attach Files To Daily Log Modules (4/9/2015). Added the ability to attach files to the following logs: Equipment log, Delivery log, Inspection log, Safety Violation log, Accident log and the Observed Weather Conditions log. 


  • Added Ability to Export Multiple Days in the Daily Log as a PDF (24/8/2015). When viewing multiple days on the Daily Log tool, you can now download the PDFs for the selected date range as a .zip file. See Export a Daily Log as PDF
  • Equipment Log Sorts Alphanumerically (20/8/2015). The Equipment Log now sorts alphanumerically.


  • Added Created By Column On All Daily Log Reports (24/7/2015)
    The following Daily Log project reports now have a "Created By" column on their respective reports pages, PDFs and CSVs: Accident, Delivery, Dumpster, Equipment, Inspections, Issues, Plan Revisions, Productivity, Quantities, Reimbursable Work Logs, Safety Violations, Visitors and Waste Logs. 


  • Added Creator On Reports for Daily Log (11/6/2015)
    The Daily Log Notes report will now have a 'Created By' column if the option "Show Created By on Log Entries" is enabled.


  • Added Ability to Enable "Daily Construction Report Log" (8/5/2015)
    Before, the "Daily Construction Report Log" in the Daily Log tool had to be enabled by Procore because when a company was created, it was disabled by default.  'Admin' users at the company level will now have access to the option to turn it on in their project's Daily Log tool. However, it will be off by default at the project level and 'Admin' users will need to turn it on.


  • Contract/Company Field Is Now Mandatory In Daily Log  (1/2015)
    "Contact / Company" is now a mandatory field when creating new Manpower Logs. The field is now a drop-down list containing Companies and People from the project directory.​