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Below are the notable changes to the project's Daily Log tool in 2018.

Updated Weather Section of Daily Log (29/11/2018)

Updated the Weather section of the Daily Log to make it easier to reference the weather for a project. Additionally, we added the ability to create multiple observed weather condition entries for a day.

Visual Improvements for File Attachments (28/11/2018) 

Improved the user experience for File Attachments on the Daily Log tool. The Attach Files label now turns ORANGE when users hover of it with a mouse cursor. Also moved the Submit and Cancel buttons to the left. 

Visual Improvements for Comments & Selections (26/11/2018) 

Added new contextual placeholders so end users can better select daily log entries referring to the selected item. Also added an "Add comment" placeholder to all comment text inputs.

Added Delete Button to Last Column on Daily Log Entries (2/11/2018)

Added a persistent Delete column to the Daily Log. Now when you scroll across the page, the Delete column will remain as the last column.

Removed Daily Log Sidebar (30/10/2018) 

Moved the sidebar buttons in the Daily Log tool to the top of the page.

Improved Cost Codes On Daily Log (29/10/2018)

On all logs that have a Code Code field, cost codes will display the full cost code number and name.

Upgraded Equipment Log Picker (29/10/2018)

Users can now create equipment within the log instead of having to go to the Admin tool. See Create Equipment Log Entries.

Alphabetized The Employee And Company Picker (26/10/2018)

The Daily Log Employee and Company pickers will now display alphabetically.

Updated Daily Log Timepicker (23/10/2018)

Made the following minor updates to the Daily Log tool's timepicker:

  • Hours from 12am to 11pm are now formatted with lowercase and no spaces
  • Default hour is closest time
  • Minutes formatted with two digits (00 and 05)
  • Default minutes is nearest 5
Renamed Column Headers In Daily Log (23/10/2018)

Renamed the following column headers in the Daily Log tool:

  • Notes is now Comments
  • Description is now Comments 
  • # Workers is now Workers
  • # Hours is now Hours
  • Contact / Company is now Company
  • No. is now #
Improved Daily Log Completion Report (11/10/2018)

The Daily Log Completion report will now show all days, regardless if that day has been visited or not. Additionally, we have added in a Day of the Week column and Missing Day Column.

Removed Daily Log Sidebar (1/10/2018)

Moved reports, filters, action buttons and search to the top of the Daily Log page and removed the sidebar for most clients. If a project has enabled Related To, then the sidebar will still persist.

Restyled Daily Log Tables (20/9/2018)

Modernized the Daily Logs UI. No Functionality changes.

Daily Log Completion Report (13/9/2018)

Admin users will now be able to run a report (via Reporting tool) allowing them to see the data important to them for understanding daily log completion. See View Daily Log Completion Report

New Configuration Setting: 'Set Manpower Log Hours to Zero on Copy'

Added a new 'Set Manpower Log Hours to Zero on Copy' option to the Project level Daily Log Tool's Configure Settings page. The default setting for the option is OFF. When enabled, the setting ensures that when a user copies over Manpower Logs, the value in the Hours and Workers fields is set to zero (0) (instead of showing the value from the the previous day). See Configure Advanced Settings: Daily Log

Moved Reports to a Drop-Down Menu in the Daily Log (30/8/2018) 

Updated the Daily Log tool by moving Reports to a drop-down at the top of the page.

Added Select Component To Manpower Log (27/8/2018) 

Updated the Project level Daily Log tool to provide users with the ability to select a Company or Contact in the Manpower Log.

Move Search to Top of Page (22/8/2018) 

Moved the Search field to the top of the Daily Log page.

Updated Labels on the Configure Settings Page (21/8/2018) 

Updated the Daily Log tool's Configure Setting page to remove the word 'log' from the labels on the different logs. 

Improved Organization of Settings on Daily Log (20/8/2018) 

Updated the Daily Log tool's Configure Settings page to reorganize the corresponding settings to their respective logs.

Added Photos Log to Daily Log PDF (25/7/2018)

Added the Photos Log to the Daily Log PDF.

Upload Photos Window Now Includes a 'Taken At' Date Field (7/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Daily Log tool to add a Date field in the Upload Photos window that now shows the 'taken_at' date(s) when the information is available for the photo(s).

Attachments From Daily Construction Report Now Included in PDFs (1/5/2018)

Updated the Project level Daily Log tool so that PDF files now include attachments from the Daily Construction Report.

Changed Date Navigation Buttons in the Daily Log (6/3/2018)

Updated the date navigation buttons in the Project level Daily Log so they are now consistent with other standardized date navigation fields in the the Procore web application. 

Added Ability to Show 'Trade' Field in Daily Log's Manpower Log (7/2/2018)

Added a new 'Show the Trade Field on the Manpower Log' checkbox to the Daily Log > Configure Settings > Project Settings page. When a user with 'Admin' level permission places a checkmark in this box, the system adds the 'Trade' field to the Manpower Log.

Updated Calendar Control for Selecting Dates (23/1/2018) 

Added new styling and options on the new date control in the Daily Log to allow users to jump back to the current date more easily. See Daily Log: Updated Calendar Control For Selecting Dates.

New Daily Log Calendar Control for Dates (17/1/2018)

Added a new date control in the Daily Log to allow users to jump back to the current date more easily. This was designed for busy superintendents who previously didn't have the ability to jump back to previous dates. You can now click a new 'Previous Day' button to quickly catch up on your daily log data-entry.