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Below are the notable changes to the project's Incidents tool in 2018.

Recent Changes

Added Sublocations to Incidents Location Filter (11/2/2018) 

Added the ability to filter for sublocations in the Locations filter in the Incidents tool.

Email Distribution Members When An Incident Is Created (11/1/2018) 

Added an email notification for distribution members when an incident is created.

Updated the Inspections Page (10/31/2018) 

Updated the Company level Inspections page.

Added 'Delete' To Incidents Records (5/9/2018) 

Added the ability to delete incident records.

Added an Attachment Viewer to the Incidents Tool (2/1/2018)

Added an attachment viewer to the Incidents tool. This provides users with the ability to view all of the attachments on an incident (without having to download each file individually as in previous versions) This is especially useful when an incident includes numerous file attachments.