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Submittals - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Submittals tool. 

Recent Changes

Submittals settings: Number Submittals by Spec Section (26/06/2024)

Users now have the option to enable the setting that allows Submittal numbers to be automatically appended with their respective spec section number. Previously, this feature could only be enabled by contacting Procore. Once enabled, and after submittals are created for a project, we do not recommend disabling the setting as it could result in duplicate submittal numbers. See Configure Settings: Submittals Tool for details.

Submittals Workflow configuration option for 'enable reject workflows' (13/05/2024) 

Procore has released a submittals workflows configuration option called 'Enable Reject Workflows'. This feature detects when a workflow participant responds with a 'Rejected', 'Revise and Resubmit', or equivalent custom status, and then automatically sets the Ball in Court to the Submittal Manager for intervention. The Submittal Manager can then resume the workflow, set ball in court back to a previous step, or close and distribute (and optionally trigger a revision). When enabled, this feature impacts both active, in-progress workflows and workflows that have not yet started. See Enable Reject Workflows for details.

Submittals settings: Replace a single workflow user (15/04/2024)

Users now have the option to replace a single workflow user (Approver or Submitter). See Replace a Workflow User for details.

Calculate workflow step due dates from 'Submit by' date (15/04/2024)

When bulk applying a workflow, users now have the option to calculate the workflow step due dates from each submittals's 'Submit By' date. Previously, workflow step due dates could only be calculated from today's date.

Bulk Add and Remove Distribution List Members Across multiple Submittals (15/04/2024)

You can now add users to, or remove them from, distribution lists across multiple submittals at once using bulk actions.

Submittals Workflow Table Enhancements (11/12/2023) 

Procore has updated the Submittals workflow table with multiple enhancements to improve the user interface and functionality. Ellipsis buttons have been removed and the 'Edit Response' and 'Set Ball in Court' buttons are now located under the new 'Actions' column at the right side of the workflow table. Additionally, attachments located within a submittal workflow are now able to be opened as clickable links for quicker access and viewing. 

SUBMITTALS simplified close and distribute process (14/11/2023) 

Procore has updated the steps when you close and distribute a submittal to simplify your workflow and give you additional flexibility with the information you distribute. When you click the button to 'Close and Distribute' you will complete a single form where the distribution list is automatically added to the CC field, you can choose to create a revision upon distribution, and you can select which responses, comments, and attachments to include. See Distribute a Submittal.

SUBMITTALS TOOL MODERNIZED Change History (02/11/2023) 

Procore has released design and performance updates to the change history page for individual submittals. Page navigation has been added to improve the navigation experience for Submittals with many changes. These updates provide users with a more consistent and optimized experience in Procore. See View the Change History of a Submittal.