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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's T&M Tickets tool. 

Recent Changes

New Subcontractor Section in the Project T&M Tickets Tool (5/18/2021)

Procore has updated the Project level T&M Tickets tool with a new ‘Subcontractor’ section that can be turned ON or OFF in the Company level Admin tool. This new section provides your field teams with the ability to record any work performed on your behalf by your sub-tier subcontractors. It lets you attach any relevant backup documentation to your T&M ticket--ensuring that your clients can easily verify the work and you can seamlessly transfer this information to a change event. See Create a Change Event from a T&M Ticket. The only requirement is that the subcontractor you select must have a company record in the Project level Directory tool (see Add a Company to the Project Directory). 

Download a PDF Copy of a T&M Ticket from a Change Event 'Description' (4/22/2021)

Procore has updated the project's Change Events tool, so when you Create a Change Event from a T&M Ticket or Add a T&M Ticket to a Change Event, you can now click a new Download PDF link in the 'Description' field of the change event to quickly review the T&M Ticket. You can also launch the T&M Tickets tool to view the ticket in Procore by clicking the View Ticket link. For details on this update, see View a Change Event and T&M Tickets: New Connected Change Management Workflows. File attachments on T&M Tickets are also transferred to the 'Attachments' section of the change event, so you can download them with a single click.

New Connected Change Management Workflows (3/15/2021)

Procore has updated the Bulk Actions menu in the project's T&M tickets tool to provide you with the ability to add T&M tickets to a new or existing change event. Line item entries to selected T&M tickets can now be added to a change event, streamlining how you generate change orders to get paid for work performed. See Create a Change Event from a T&M Ticket and Add a T&M Ticket to a Change Event.

Moved the 'Classifications' Tab to the Project Admin Tool (2/22/2021)  

For users who set up and assign classifications to employees and workers for use with the T&M Tickets tool, Procore has moved the settings in the 'Classifications' tab of the Timesheets tool to a new 'Classifications' tab in the Project level Admin tool. Users can now also configure which classifications are available for use with Procore's project timekeeping tools. To learn more, see Field Productivity: Enable Classifications on a Project.

T&M Tickets added to Procore Search (1/26/2021)

Procore has updated its Procore Search feature to include the T&M Tickets tool. For more information, see Which project tools support Procore Search? and What information is searchable using Procore Search?

New Signature Requests for T&M Tickets (12/7/2020)

Procore has updated the T&M Tickets tool so you can now request a customer signature. This gives your customer signee's more flexibility when verifying T&M Tickets and also removes the need to interact in person. When you create a T&M ticket, you can instantly send your customer signee a signature request by email. Signees also have the ability to draw their signature from their desk using either the Procore web application or from the convenience of the field using Procore for Mobile (Android & iOS). For details, see T&M Tickets: Signature Requests.

New Custom Fields for T&M Tickets (10/29/2020)

Procore has updated the Company level Admin tool to give you the ability to create custom fields for the T&M Tickets tool. Creating new custom fields is helpful when your company wants to track extra details related to the T&M tickets created in the field. See Admin: Create Custom Fields for the T&M Tickets Tool.

New Configurable Fieldsets for T&M Tickets (09/29/2020)  

Users 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Admin tool can now configure fieldsets for the T&M Tickets tool. See Which fields in the T&M Tickets tool can be configured as required, optional, or hidden?

Updated Signee Permissions in Procore Web Application for Mobile Users (09/23/2020)

Mobile users with 'Read Only' level permissions or higher on the T&M Tickets tool can now sign tickets using Procore for Android or Procore for iOS. Prior to this release, all users required 'Standard' permissions. In addition to the permissions change, users can only sign a ticket when they are the designated 'Signee' on that ticket. See Sign a T&M Ticket (Android) and Sign a T&M Ticket (iOS)

New Time & Materials Grouping in Select Tool Menu (7/16/2020)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add a new Time & Materials grouping in the Select Tool menu which now includes: Materials, Tickets, Timecards, and Equipment. See Create a Custom Company Report.

New Project Level Time & Materials (T&M) Tickets Tool (7/14/2020)

Released the new T&M Tickets tool. This tool provides users with the ability to document, track and enable visibility into out of scope work from any mobile device through the Procore Android or iOS apps. With this new tool, you can set automatic notifications from the Procore web app or distribute tickets from your mobile device to provide more visibility of T&M exposure to all parties. From the mobile app, users can create, edit, verify and sign T&M tickets quickly while on site. To learn more about this release, see T&M Tickets: New! Project Level Time & Materials Tickets Tool.