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Release Notes for 2018-01-16

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending January 12, 2018. 


    • Added "Enable DocuSign" Checkbox To Company Level Admin Tool Under Project Settings
      Enabling this checkbox will enable DocuSign by default on all projects within the company.

 Product Management

    • New Hybrid Submittal Workflow
      Combines the parallel and sequential approval workflows into one.
      • Why? Up until now project teams have been forced to use a strictly parallel or sequential workflow for their Submittals. Parallel would allow the user to create a group of Approvers who were all ball-in-court, but without sequential steps there was no way for these teams to utilize the 'Submitter' role so their Subcontractors could come in and upload Submittal PDFs directly into that Submittal Item. In addition, parallel review required ALL of the approvers to respond in order for the ball to shift back to the Submittal Manager's court. With Sequential approval, the user could create a sequential list of approvers but this did not allow multiple users to be in parallel within a step.
      • Learn more. See Submittals: Rollout of New Submittal Workflow for Approvers.

 Construction Financials


    • Change Events Sticky Views
      Updated the Change Events (Next Gen) tool to improve the Detail and Summary Views. These views are now 'sticky', which means that whatever settings you had in place prior to closing the Change Events tool will now be persistent, so when you return to the Details or Summary pages, the search and filtering settings will be set as they were when you left it.


    • Moved Direct Costs Views From The Sidebar To The Header

      • Updated the Direct Costs tool to move the Views from the sidebar to the header.


    • Pre-filled Header Information For Summary Page On Owner Invoice
      Updated the Payment Application create, edit, and show page so that the Commitment Billing Period field is the first field on the page. Also updated the create page so that the period start and period end dates are prefilled with the same dates as the selected Commitment Billing Period. The Commitment Billing Period will be automatically prefilled with the last Billing Period. The invoice number field will also be prefilled with the Payment Application number.

 Quality & Safety

No notable changes this week.

 Field Productivity

    • A new Project level Crews tool is available to new and existing accounts that have purchased Procore's Field Productivity product line. This tool was designed to provide supervisors who manage laborers with a method for organizing workers into crews. With this new tool, you can:
      • Create field teams that group and organize workers into crews.
      • Utilize Procore's mobile functionality to create and adjust crews from the job site. 
      • Integrate with Procore's Timesheets tool, to create fast and accurate timesheets.
      • Create custom reports that include data from the new Crews tool, for powerful labor insights.
    • Why? Procore's Project level Crews tool gives users the ability to manage groups of laborers on the jobsite. Each crew is made up of workers who perform one or more scope of work (e.g., a crew of concrete workers) and is lead by a Crew Lead who is ultimately responsible for managing the crew’s work. In upcoming releases, Procore’s existing and future Field Productivity tools will also be enhanced to leverage Crews as an easy way to organize resources on the job site.
    • Learn More. See Crews.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

No notable changes this week.