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Release Notes for 2018-03-05

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, March 2, 2018.

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New Process for Downloading/Sending Directory Import Templates (3/2/2018) 

Updated the Company and Project level tools so users with 'Admin' level permission to the tool can download and send completed import templates to Procore. We've added new 'Import People' and 'Import Companies' areas to the Directory tool's right sidebar. These areas contains links for downloading the appropriate templates and sending your completed templates back to Procore. For an overview of the new process, see Directory: New Process for Downloading/Sending Directory Import Templates.

New 'Request Company and People Imports' Granular Permission (3/2/2018) 

Procore has released a new granular permission named 'Request Company and People Imports' to provide Procore Administrators (i.e., users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company Directory) with the capability to delegate the task of submitting requests for importing user and company/vendor data on your company or project account to another user with 'Standard' permission on the Project Directory. See Directory: New 'Request Company and People Imports' Granular Permission.

Deployed Updates for the Upcoming Release of the Project Creation Assistant (3/2/2018) 

In preparation for an upcoming release of a new project creation experience that will be rolled out to end users, the confirmation popup window that appears when you create a project has been removed. In addition, the 'Create Project' button will now to disabled after a user clicks it (to ensure multiple projects are not created). The 'Add New Project' button has also been renamed 'Create Project.' In addition, we've added a link titled 'Learn how to use the Project Creation Assistant' so you can learn about the new process. For the existing process, see Add a New Project. For the future process, see Create a New Project Using the Project Creation Assistant

 Product Management

No notable changes.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

Non-Budgeted Line Items are now Automatically Added to your Budget' (3/2/2018)

Previously, a warning banner appeared in the Budget when you added a financial line item (i.e. change orders, commitments, direct costs) that used either: 1) a non-budgeted cost code and/or cost type, or 2) a non-categorized cost code and/or cost type. Non-budgeted items that used a cost code and/or cost type that was not already being used in the budget. Non-categorized items that used a Division (e.g. 01- General Requirements) in the cost code field, or were missing a cost code and/or cost code type.

Now, these financial line items are automatically added to your Budget with a "?" next to the line item in lieu of warning banner. Along with the tooltip, we have also added new Budget Filters (non-budgeted: Budget Row Type = Non-Budgeted and non-categorized: Cost Code = None or Cost Type = None). See Budget: Non-Budgeted Line Items are now Automatically Added to your Budget.

Removed Ability to Create Budget Modifications with Same 'To' and 'From' Fields (2/27/2018)

Previously, a user could select the same budget line item for the "To" and "From" fields when creating a budget modification. Now, we have revised the pickers for "To" and "From" in the Budget Modification creation modal, such that a user can never select the same budget line item for both fields. See Create a Budget Modification.

Change Orders
Moved Change Orders View to Tool's Header Area (2/26/2018)

Updated the Change Orders tool so that now the Change Orders view is located in the header. 

 Quality & Safety

No notable changes.

 Field Productivity

'Admin' Users Can Now Approve/Unapprove Timesheets (2/27/2018)

Updated the Timesheets tool to provide users with 'Admin' level permission with the ability to 'Approve' and 'Unapprove' timesheets. In addition, the timesheets now display a status of 'Pending Approval' or 'Approved' to prevent users from editing or deleting an 'Approved' timesheet. See Timesheets: Added Ability for Supervisors to Approve Timesheets.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

No notables changes.