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Release Notes for 2018-04-16

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, April 13, 2018.

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pl-core.png Core

Add and Remove Users from All of Your Company's Projects (4/12/2018) 

Procore has updated the Company level Directory tool to provide users with 'Admin' level permission with the ability to click a new Add All or Remove All button to add or remove users from all of the projects in a company's Procore account. In addition, if you have configured a user's profile to use a specific permission template, that template will automatically be applied to user on all projects to which they are added. See Directory: Add and Remove Users From All Projects in a Company Account.

Added Tooltip to Invoice Contacts Field on the General Tab in the Edit Company Page (4/9/2018)

Updated the Company level Directory tool to add a tool tip in the Edit Company page for the Invoice Contacts field on the General tab. The tooltip reads "This person will be added to the contract and will be the point of contact and signer for subcontractor invoices."

Updated the Custom Bidding Report (4/10/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add the 'Bid Package Status' column to the custom Bidding report. Also updated the values for the 'Submission Status' column to read 'Submitted' and 'Not Submitted.'

pl-project-management.png Product Management

Authorized Bidder Checkbox in Add Filter Menu Now Enabled by Default (4/9/2018)

Updated the Bidding tool to update the 'Authorized Bidder?` checkbox in the Add Filter menu so it is enabled by default in the Search for Bidders page.

Download Drawings With SmartMarkup (4/11/2018)

Updated the Project level Drawings tool so that now, when users click the Download Drawings button, a window appears to give end users the option choose to download drawings with or without SmartMarkup. This was previously a beta feature that is now available to all Procore users. See Download Drawings.

Overdue Email for RFI Now Sent to Assignee With BIC Responsibility (4/10/2018)

Updated the RFIs tool so that now, when an RFI in the 'Open' status exceeds its 'Due Date', Procore now sends an email notification to the person designated as an 'Assignee' who has Ball In Court (BIC) responsibility for the RFI. 

Added a 'None' Option for the 'Approvers' Filter (4/13/2018)

Updated the 'Add Filter' menu to add a 'None' checkbox to the 'Approver' drop-down list. This provides end users with the ability to filter the results to show only submittals with no approvers assigned. 

Added Fields to Export PDF for a Submittal (4/13/2018)

Updated the PDF export file for a submittal so it now includes the 'Approver Due Date' and 'Location'.

Removed View PDF Link from the 'Updated Submittal' Email (4/12/2018)

Removed the 'View PDF' link next to 'More Details' in the 'Updated Submittal' email notification. To view the PDF, users can now click 'View Online' and then log in to Procore to use the Export PDF option.

Allow Approvers to Add Reviewers to Their Step in the Workflow (4/9/2018)

The 'Allow Approvers to Add Reviewers to Their Step in the Workflow' configuration is now enabled by default. In addition, users with 'Admin' level permission can turn this feature on an off in the Configure Settings page (see Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals Tool). This setting provides submitters and approvers with the ability to foward a submittal to another user for review. See Forward a Submittal for Review

Enable Submittal Schedule Calculations (4/9/2018) 

Users with 'Admin' level permission can now enable the submittal schedule calculations feature on the Project level Submittals tool. Prior to this update, a request had to be submitted to Procore to enable this feature on the backend. See Enable Submittal Schedule Calculations.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

Improved Cost Code Search In Budget Tool (4/12/2018)

Updated the Project level Budget tool to improve the search capability on the Add Filter list for Cost Codes. Now, end users can start typing a cost code number and the Cost Code drop-down list will only show codes that match the search criteria.

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

Set a Response Set to Inactive (4/13/2018)

Updated the Company level Inspections tool so that now, when a response set is in use on a template, it can no longer be set to 'Inactive.' After the response set is removed from all templates, it can then be set to 'Inactive.'

Added 'Date Created' Column (4/13/2018)

Added a 'Date Created' column on the List, Grouped by Type, and Recycle Bin tabs. It is also included in exports from the Observations tool. 

Punch List
Added 'Assignee Name' to List of Bulk Edit Options (4/10/2018)

Updated the list of options in the 'Bulk Edit' menu in the Punch List tool to add 'Assignee Name'. See Bulk Edit Punch List Items

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

No notable changes.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

Attach Non-PDF File Types to DocuSign Envelope (4/10/2018)

Added support so users now have the ability to attach non-PDF file types to the DocuSign Envelope when sending a Commitment, Prime Contract, Change Order, Payment Application, or Requisition to DocuSign for signature.