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Release Notes for 2019-03-11

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, March 8, 2019.

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Core Tools

Added RFI Stage to Custom Reports (3/5/2019)

Updated the Project level Reports tool to make the RFI Stage column available to users creating custom reports that include data from the RFIs tool. See Create Custom Project Report.

Product Management

Coordination Issues
Link Drawings When Elevating a Coordination Issue to an RFI (3/7/2019)

Users can now link drawings to a coordination issue when it is elevated to an RFI. See Elevate a Coordination Issue to an RFI

New RFI Stage Filter (3/5/2019)

Updated the Add Filter menu in the RFIs tool to add an RFI Stage option to the list of filters. See Search for and Filter RFIs

RFI Stage Now Available as a Column (3/5/2019)

When customizing the column display in the RFIs tool, you can now add an RFI Stage column. See Customize the Column Display in the RFIs Tool

Construction Financials

ERP Integrations
Change Order Contract Line Item Associations (3/7/2019)

Users can now view the contract line item associated with each change order line item with the Commitments tool. Users can also edit the ERP Prime Contract Item in the Schedule of Values (SOV) on the project’s Prime Contract tool. This ensures that the estimate value (i.e., the SOV value without vertical markup) and the revenue value (i.e., the SOV value with vertical markup) are synced to the line item that you specify in the integrated ERP system. To learn more, see Add Financial Markup to Commitment Change Orders and Add Financial Markup to Prime Change Orders

Quality & Safety

Removed Sidebar and Updated the Project Level Configuration Page (3/7/2019)

Updated the project's Inspections tool to remove the sidebar. Settings options have been moved above the template list. 

Punch List
New Default Assignee Status 'Not Notified' (3/8/2019)

Added a new 'Not Notified' status to the project's Punch List tool. 

Field Productivity

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

No notable changes.