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Release Notes for 2019-10-21

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, October 18, 2019.

Core Tools

No notable changes.

Project Management

New Granular Permission for Uploading and Reviewing Drawings

A new granular permission for the Drawings tool is now available to enable on permission templates in the Company level Directory tool. The 'Upload and Review Drawings' permission allows users to review and confirm drawings they have uploaded. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template and Review and Confirm Drawings.

Updated UI for Uploading and New Format Option

The Specifications tool has been updated with a more streamlined upload window and a new 'Format' field that allows you to select a format for your specification upload. The format is automatically selected based on your region, but you can choose to select 'No Format/Other Format' if your specifications are in a different format. If you select 'No Format/Other Format' for your upload, the specifications will not be split into sections by Procore. Instead, you can review and split the specifications manually or quickly publish them as a single spec section without reviewing. See Upload Specifications.

Financial Management

No notable changes.

Resource Management

Added a Permissions Table in the Company's Timesheets Configure Settings

Added a user Permissions table in the Company level Timesheets Configure Settings so a Timesheets tool admin can quickly update permissions for users.

App Marketplace

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