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Can tenderers submit their tender via email or must they sign in?


Yes, bidders have an option to submit their bid by replying to the bid invitation email sent from Procore with an attachment. See Submit a Tender. This is meant to serve as an alternative to bidders emailing a bid completely outside of Procore, where you would need to manually enter their bid on their behalf.

If a tender is submitted by replying to the tender invitation email, the following information is automatically updated in the Tendering tool:

  • The 'Bid Status' for the bidder changes to 'Submitted'.
  • The 'Last Activity' field shows the text 'Bid was submitted via email', along with the date and time that the email was sent.

Note that you will need to review any submitted files in the 'Attachments' section of the bidder's response page. See Review Submitted Bids.

It is still best practice to have each bidder log in to Procore and create a password to submit their bid in Procore's Planroom tool. That way, all of the information from their bid is automatically logged from the Planroom into the Bidding tool, where you can easily convert the winning bid to a contract in the Commitments tool. See Award a Winning Bid and Convert it into a Subcontract or Award a Winning Bid and Convert it into a Purchase Order.