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Procore (en-CA)

Do I need to create Procore user accounts if our company implements SSO?


Yes. Your company's Procore Administrator will need to create user accounts for your company employees, specialty contractors and other vendor contacts that will require access to either your Procore company account or its projects. These are the options:

  • If you are creating accounts for employees of your company (or for other users that will be managed by an identity provider, such as Microsoft Azure AD or Okta AD), the Procore user account and the identity provider user account must use the same email address and password. 
  • If you need to create accounts for users who will not managed by your identity provider (such as specialty contractors or vendor contacts), you can create Procore user accounts using each contact's email address and password in Procore (see Add a User Account to the Company Directory or Add a User Account to the Project Directory). These users can log in to the Procore web application ( directly. 

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