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How does hh2 connect to the Sage 300 CRE server?


When Procore's ERP Integrations tool is configured to work with Sage 300 CRE®, your company's Procore Administrator will work with your Procore point of contact to install the hh2 synchronization client on your Sage 300 CRE® server. The synchronization client is a lightweight, Windows desktop application that establishes a secure network connection between the hh2 Cloud Service (, which keeps the data in Sage 300 CRE® and Procore in sync. 

Typically, the hh2 synchronization client requires no special network firewall permissions, since the client only uses standard outbound TCP Port 80 and sometimes Port 443 connections, which are commonly used for standard web access. In addition, no inbound connections are required. Standard web technologies like Web Sockets is used to maintain a persistent connection.