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How does the Office 365 integration in Procore's Documents Tool work?


Below are common questions and answers regarding the Microsoft® Office 365® integration with the Documents tool in Procore.

What is the Office 365 integration in Procore?

Procore offers an integration with Microsoft's Office 365® (web based) software in the Documents tool. This allows Procore users who also have access to an Office 365 Business account to view and edit Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files directly in the browser without needing to download files first. See Open or Edit a File in Microsoft Office 365 Using the Documents Tool.

What kind of Microsoft Office account would I need to use this feature?

To use this feature, you will need an Office 365 Business account with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint online provisioned as applications you can use. See Microsoft's products page icon-external-link.png  for current offerings.
Note: You will also need permissions to the Project or Company level Documents tools in Procore. 

Is there an extra cost to my Procore contract?

No, this feature is available to all Procore users in the Documents tool. 

Can multiple people edit files at the same time, like Google Docs?

Yes, as long as all users are editing the same file from within the Office 365 web application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). 

What change history is tracked?

Changes to Office files are tracked in the Version History section of the Documents tool. Each version includes the name of the person who made the change, along with the time and date of the change.

How are changes saved?

After an Office file has been opened from the Documents tool, Procore automatically adds a new version of the file to the Version History section any time you click 'Save and return to Procore'. Procore also automatically saves changes as you make changes (this is indicated by the text in the header of the document changing from 'Saving...' to 'Saved to Procore'). 

If multiple people are editing the file at the same time, who is attributed with the change and new version?

The person who clicks 'Save and return to Procore' last will be attributed with the change and version.

What about PDFs or other files? Are they supported?

No, this integration only allows for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint files to be edited through a browser.

Can the document be edited on the desktop version of Office the same way?

No, this integration only allows for documents to be edited through the browser version of O365. If you edit the file on your computer, you will need to manually upload a new version to the file in Procore. See Upload a New Version of a File.